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Refine Your Denim

How it Works Order Your Refinement

With the average person rotating only about 2-3 pairs of jeans into their wardrobe, it’s obvious the others are sitting in the closet collecting dust. It’s time to get resourceful with your wardrobe and refine those jeans you’ve stopped loving back into something you love again. You bought them for a reason.

Choose a refinement from our standard menu below, and send us your denim.

Each garment leaves the factory with an industry wash and silicone softening treatment.

How it Works

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Your boring old blues

It's those jeans you'll never wear again. It's not the fit or the cut, it's just that wash you can no longer stand.


2. Shipping made easy

Our “Mail it to Me” feature, available to domestic customers, makes the process a breeze. Upon placing a refinement order, a pre-paid labeled envelope is automatically shipped to you to send your garment in. Once received, you simply slip your denim (and a copy of the receipt) in the enclosed Priority Mail envelope and pop it in the mailbox for your mailman to pick up.


3. Where the Magic Happens

Once we receive your denim, you'll receive a confirmation email. After the refining procedure is complete (approx. 2-3 weeks from day of receipt), your garment is shipped back to you, free of charge.


4. Voilà

Now wear them like you used to.

Choose Your Refinement


Let us break in those jeans for you and give it that soft silky hand, so you don't have to.

Cost: $68

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Make your denim pop with our classic leopard print.

Cost: $125

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Bring the color and life back into those faded black or blue jeans with a slight sheen.

Cost: $98

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Give your denim texture through that authentic, naturally worn-in look.

Cost: $98

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Make your jeans over with a chrome silver sheen.

Cost: $98

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