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About Us

We exist as a resourceful alternative to general wastefulness, providing our customers with the opportunity to shop vintage denim that's been revived through industry treatments. From laser printed to waxed, all garments leave the factory industry washed and silicone softened, making them new again. Touch it, feel it, smell it, wear it. You'd never even know it had a previous life. Before purchasing, please note that we take great care in re-measuring every single garment to an exact waist size, since the measurements on the original vintage tags are not always accurate. This measurement will be listed in the product listing as well as title.

Customers can also order from a set of offered classic refinements. What was once a resource only for manufacturers is now available to individuals as well. Each refinement guarantees a unique result. Welcome a new addition into your wardrobe from within your very own closet. Preserving the life of our clothes is essential, and when the fabric is as versatile and accommodating as denim, why not?

Customers have 7 days from receipt of item(s) to:

1.) contact us via email at with your order #, name of item that you would like to exchange, and link to the new item for the exchange.
2.) ship your item back to us within 3 days of our email confirmation.

Exchanges must be the same cost or exceed that of the original cost. Any extra shipping/exchange processing fees are incurred by the customer. Returns are not accepted. If item is purchased during a sale or promotion, all SALES ARE FINAL.

Got a question?

We wholesale vintage clothing by category. For more information and references from previous clients, make an appointment to visit our showroom or simply email us at INFO@DENIMREFINERY.COM.

Don't limit yourself to just vintage denim.

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